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Image by Kelly Sikkema


Milkyart | Artist

10 years, me and my brushes have created a bond, an eternal one, as I always say a love story that would last long, and I really mean this. I love to create Wallpapers, and digital Artworks and also traditional artworks. 

I am a school student studying science, not by pressure of my mom like every other child. I love science and art and history and literature. This is me, a remix worse than present Bollywood. 

But, I am sarcastic, helpful of you really wish to get help and a dog lover.

My Art depends on my mood, I am like every other girl with mood swings every often, so often that I start drawing something, my mood changes and I finish something different. That doesn't mean, I will draw an apple instead of a mango. You can trust me this much! This is all the bio I could add. Now, if you wish to know about my achievements, I have received few national and state awards in art competitions but I participate rarely, for no reason! And I have been running my Instagram Profile for 2 years now, and have gained a little more than 1.2k followers. I am free to contact, so just DM me on @milkyart2004 on Instagram, I will definitely love to talk to you all!

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