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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Hi! I am Mili or milkyart, 16 and healthy. Fun fact: I didn't have any symptom of COVID in 2020. You think, I am lucky, right? Indeed, so lucky, that.... Let it be, No sad life talks. To begin, Life has been rough, with losses and gains, with ups and downs, with happiness and sadness but, one thing remained same throughout, my art. It's the only thing that stayed with me since I grabbed a chalk when I could barely speak. I love my art, more than any person, any animal, any plant, or any living or non living thing. This website was a dream which came true in a different way, earlier than I expected. I never knew I would start a website while studying in class 11. But, things change, we reflect more and come up with better ideas. This website was kind of a result of my long time love story with my brushes, and loneliness with the surroundings. For the past few days I had been running short of ideas, when suddenly the idea of this website came back to my mind and I started working on this all over back again.

So, viewers, friends and real family, see my work, I am not a great artist, "with a smile" , I just draw whatever comes to my mind, whatever keeps me alive and whatever draws my attention. I love myself, a little less than my brushes and a lot more than anyone or anything else. To formally present... let me phrase it below,

"I request and invite you all to kindly read my blogs, watch my paintings/artworks/wallpapers, share with your friends and family and obviously buy some stuff if you wish!"

So, now that you all have an idea about my informal and formal behavior, I would conclude my first blog and let you all have a tour of my website. I promise to entertain you more with my stuff.

Thank you!

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