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Different Music

Bird's Teardrops by Estas Tonne is playing in my ears right now. I started listening to Estas after I decided to learn guitar myself. The first creative masterpiece I heard was "Internal Flight", then some live Performances; it was a flow, a flight through rhythms and gentle breeze of music. I got addicted to his charm, the incense stick at the neck of the guitar, his swift movement of hands with perfect frequency touching every bit of emotions, tying together the threads of serenity, letting the wave of music hit the shore of thoughts... creating an envision of freedom and existence.

I love his music and interpret in my way. When you listen to great artists, you are driven by an unknown source of energy, depending on how you perceive it. To me, music has no language and no barrier, it can traverse lengths without any interference of cruel unhappening of the world. It can serve peace and solace to our hearts or can bring more pain and remind us of things we wish to forget- but you can't let your brain decide; it's the flow, the rhythm, the lyrics, the thoughts, and the emotions you feel through your heart while a particular piece plays in your ears.

I can't sing, I gave up years ago. But I let myself explore this great ocean of people through music. So many artists, so many stories, languages, experiences, culture, thoughts, happiness, sorrow, guilt, regret, love, ambitions- all of these converges to forms of art: music is one of them. I play guitar, I learnt it mostly by my own, mainly because I couldn't continue going to guitar classes, after 9th day, for several reasons including the society's reason of being a "girlchild". However, music found its way back to me, when I started feeling satisfied with what I learnt by myself. Basic chords, then some harmonics, scales, exercises, slowly I started learning. I chose fingerstyle practice over everything else because I love those little slits that the thin string leaves on my fingertips after every practice; I love the fact that there's no bound in how I play, it's all mine; The way I play definitely has the techniques but I can play around with my 6th strings...

"I got my first real six-string

Bought it at the five-and-dime

Played it 'til my fingers bled"

All music lovers have heard this song at least once in their life. How beautifully Bryan Adams and James Douglas Vallance had written this masterpiece and it still gives us goosebumps. Doesn't it?

Languages: Music really doesn't need language. One can feel it through senses without understanding lyrics. I have been an EXO-L for almost 6 years now, I still don't understand Korean. I know three four words: Salanghaeyo, annyeonghaseyo, ye, aniyo etc.. But is it stopping me from listening to EXO on loop? Never! I play MAMA, Overdose, and Cosmic Railway everyday! Then, there are other groups like Blackpink, SuperM, NCT, BTS etc. They too produce beautiful songs with soulful lyrics which I don't understand without translation. Once I read the translation, they sound even better! I personally love the voice of Chen, and Baekhyun from EXO, they are sweet like honey!