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Let's Talk Food I

I am having my evening snacks! Umm.. It's healthy and it's slightly unhealthy too. Let me explain. I am a super exaggerated person. Sometimes, I feel that it's a common yet undiscovered trait in human beings. Maybe you act the same way with very common things in life too! Let me know if you feel the same way.

I love spicy food, and I love healthy food. Yes, I hate none of them. I like my food either super spicy with a lot of Indian or Mexican spices, chili, oily, buttery...cheesy, or it should be simple, just some boiled veggies with a little bit of salt and pepper...That's it! I don't like any medium spicy food. Right now, I am enjoying my bowl of French fries with some of my personal favorite mayo-dip. Guess what is sitting beside the beautiful bowl of fries? A bowl of healthy leafy salad...with some garlic and salt and pepper. Healthy, you know!

Presently, I can accept anything in the world other than losing my freedom and self-esteem. And, I feel, my choice of food habits in a part of that too! What do you think? Call me a foodie or a picky, I am proud of my choices.

Being an unfluctuating, true non-vegetarian person, I love fishes and meat. Don't hate me, I love animals, but farm animals are for human consumption and I make sure that I consume only those who are supposed to be consumed. Last week, someone suggested a feast of Koel, which I denied right away because I got to know that the number of those birds is decreasing rapidly. It's our responsibility as a part of this nature, to conserve animals. C'mon they deserve to exist! We are getting deviated from our topic of discussion, I will write about this sometime soon, for sure.

Food. Indian food is famous. From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Zayn Malik everyone has talked about Indian food. The most famous dish among the world is probably Chicken Tikka masala and Naan, right now. Although there are thousand more dishes which are comparable to those two north Indian Dishes. Who doesn't like a beautiful golden yellow plate of biryani filled with the aroma of saffron and Indian spices?

Oh wait, Veg-Biryani is Pulao by the way. How would you get that flavor without the slow cooked mutton or chicken in the lowest layer of the cooking vessel? Paneer or Carrots won't bring that on your plate my friend. And about the dishes that comes complimentary and mandatory with biryani.. the rich and creamy plate of Chaap or Rezala...! Don't even dare to say that Paneer Rezala exists, it doesn't. Sorry, if I offended you, but the whole concept of biryani goes back to the Mughal Era, I believe it's an art that they created for us to enjoy forever...and Vegetables in biryani is just a Jugaad. According to one of the most popular legends, Tahari Biryani was cooked without mutton for vegetarian book-keepers during the times of Tipu Sultan in Mysore. Probably, that's the origin of 'vegetable' biryani! Biryani is something, that has a long history and I am not qualified enough to write a lecture on that. However, we can talk a little about Fast Foods. Burgers, fries, pizza, sandwiches...etc have existed quite a long time to take up a little space in my unpopular blog. Let's allow them.

BURGER, no matter how you pronounce the word, it’s just one of those snacks which will never make you unhappy. It took me some time to differentiate between different types of burgers. I read uncountable blogs and watched over hundred videos on YouTube to understand the differences and I suggest you to try the same, it’s fun to watch people eat tones of burgers and teach you what they are called. Actually, NO! It’s not funny, it is bad for heart to just watch those beautiful cheesy burgers in someone else’s mouth; it’s hard to watch the smokey, juicy patty slowly moving into someone’s big mouth making their hands messy…ah! Sick! I miss burgers. You do too, I feel you.

Living in India, in the early 2010s, it was a struggle to find good burgers in budget. One could definitely buy Indian versions of burger, which were more of sandwiches in burger buns….until, Burger King, McDonalds stepped in. They were almighty back then! The fight over best burger still continues all over the world, over big fast food chains. It's a dilemma to choose between a Double Whopper and Maharaja Mac. Both are huge and expensive with different tastes of course, but it isn't easy to choose. However, I am ready to take a bite into any burger if I can afford it or you buy me one. That's how much I love Burgers! Don’t worry for reviews, I will be very honest with that!

I can continue writing about food forever…but, you won’t enjoy a blog that’s too long!

So, I will come back again with another part of this or maybe 2… Till then, stay well, be happy and Eat well! Don’t waste food, serve some food to the hungry. Feed Animals.

And, sorry, if you like veg-biryani!

If you live in or near Kolkata, and know someone, any group or community who needs, food contact me, write an e-mail or DM on my Instagram handle, I will love to help.

Remember, “Good food makes everyone Happy!”

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1 Comment

Aug 03, 2021

The situation with watching people eating burger is relatable!

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