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ME: An artist?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I was 11, when I was called an artist for the first time. I used to write everyday incidents in a small diary like all other "fancy" children do, and I wrote that as well. Unfortunately, I lost that diary. Fun fact, I was so serious about writing the diary, that I wrote it for 2 months, and then, the diary found it's way to the lowest shelf in my bookshelf under all the old books that were supposed to be left alone, untouched. Why did I write such a small incident in a diary and not any incident when people called me genius or intelligent? I thought about this many years later. And then suddenly, I discovered, that I am passionate about ART! The scribbles on my notebooks, the sceneries in my drawing copies, the small designs on the thin space on the newspapers were all that gave me peace. I felt alive through them.

Being an Artist is not a tag that you put up in your resume, it is a feeling, a heavenly one. When somebody calls you by the term, "Artist", you have a feeling of deep satisfaction of being somewhere you belong. Life becomes beautiful and free from all distress once, you pick up your brush! A feeling, for everyone who wants to reach their own sphere, discovering the form of art they love, be it Painting, sketching, singing, dancing, writing, speaking or whatever.

When people in my class received the all-awaited gift of an Off-period to play or roam around, I used to grab a piece of paper or just take out the blank page from the back of a copy and start scribbling, scribbling my heart out. I used to draw caricatures of my teachers, those were pretty bad though, seriously! I used to draw my Math teacher, drew her more than 10 times, and our English teacher, who was known as the "sleeping beauty". I guess, you can get the reason behind that terrific name! And I called that piece of art, the same. So, I am not a nerd and I have at least 20% sarcasm in myself, proved, right?

That's how passion accelerated the artist in me and I reached here, I know it's nothing great yet, I have no big honors in Art, no great recognition, but what I have is my beautiful love story with the brushes and the colors which pulls me back to my track whenever I get deflected from it. I trust them so much, much more than my favorite person, myself!

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