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SKY- a discussion

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

I just jumped on my bed with the laptop on my lap to write something. Every evening, not every, but most evenings, I go to my small round terrace in the city to look at the sky. Yes, to look at the sky. What philia is it? I don't know really. But, I love looking at the sky! And why not? The sky is unique, its pretty and it changes its physical appearance without losing its inner-self. Oh wait! Did I become too philosophical? Well, if you know me well, I am a hybrid of Philosophy and Liberty along with a pinch of emotions. BUT, sky... it's full of everything. It changes colors, every day and every hour. Living in a country, where 6 seasons are enjoyable, if you wish to enjoy it all, I have seen clouds of different shapes, colors, flowing speed, and representing different emotions like love, respect, dignity, pride or just celebration of a particular day.

Few days ago, after Argentina Won the Copa America Football Tournament, we could only see pictures of blue-white sky in the social media timelines, as if the nature was celebrating the win. Well, I didn't feel that way, because I don't watch football. But, I do appreciate their thoughts and emotions.

I celebrated the mighty sky, when I craved for some spicy, greasy Telebhaja, and the sky appeared cloudy all of a sudden and started raining. So, I believe, we can interpret the meanings -that those smoky cottony little bunches hold while floating over our heads- according to our own moods and emotions. And, don't we do that often? Oh c'mon my reader, I know you do!

Luckily, till date, I haven't seen a single individual who hates the sky or the clouds. I truly feel, that each person in this world has at least for once, admired the appearance of the camouflaging blanket that covers us. You must be wondering why I said, Camouflage? Well, the sky does camouflage with our emotions. Just 30 minutes ago, it was beautiful blue with some cotton-like white clouds racing with the greyish gloomy ones. It surely strikes that corner of heart with mood swings.

And now, they are all gone, it is a beautiful gradient of dark to light, a perfect evening sky depicting a peaceful soul awaiting happiness.

Yesterday, it was so COLOURFUL! It was yellow, orange, blue, white, grey, purple....and many more. Now just imagine, how much deep it would be, if a philosopher interpreted that appearance. Let me tell you something, try looking at the sky, look constantly and let your mind explore...thoughts, meanings, emotions, or maybe just colors.

Do you feel philosophical now? well, some of you would feel that way for sure. And that's what I want to convey, you have a mind, and your eyes, you see colors and you can explore. Happy Exploring!

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